Are you a woman who wants more? Let me help you get reconnected  to  your inner sparkle so you can live a happier life!

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I am a life coach that helps women live their best lives by shedding all of the things that hold them back from living it! I guide women who feel stuck and want more out of life.   Sound like you? Click below to grab a quick call with me so we can co-create your best life! I only work with clients who are truly ready! Christy Jade Coaching is a one stop shop for coaching and energy work! Send any questions to me at . I work with women in the United States and United Kingdom !

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"Before working with Christy I was at a real low. I felt sad and unmotivated all the time - even small tasks round the house left me exhausted. I felt trapped in my life as a stay at home mother and dreamt often of escaping and going back to work! I didn’t feel I deserved time off to do something just for me. My children overwhelmed me and I had got myself into a cycle of getting stressed, shouting at them and then feeling guilty about it. I just couldn’t seem to enjoy my life all that much! The funny part is that I KNEW the problem was me, I just didn’t know how to fix it!

Enter Christy! Christy has helped me hugely. She has taught me that my thoughts and actions come from me alone and that I have the power to create a better day for myself. It was quite empowering! I suddenly saw myself properly the other day and realised how much calmer I am now. How I’ve not felt panicked at the prospect of being alone in the house with my children - I actually now love it! Christy made me take charge and create time for myself to be me again and it’s felt so good to do so. I’ve fallen back in love with cooking and the gym no longer feels like a chore! And amazingly, Christy has made me enjoy my own life so much that I no longer day dream about going back to work! An unexpected outcome!

When I look back now, I can see that I’d got myself into a terrible cycle of pretty much constant negative thinking. It was exhausting! Christy helped me see the light that was there all along. Such a great programme. I’m so grateful to her!"



“I’m half way through my program with Christy and I can honestly say that it’s the best thing I’ve ever invested in. Life before was an everyday uphill climb. Despite so many blessings, I had had the hardest year of my life last year and I felt lost, out of control and like I would never be able to untangle all of the emotional baggage I was carrying that I felt was preventing me from finding direction again. I had reached my breaking point. Christy has somehow managed to break down my walls, found my inner confidence, direction and joy once again and I now already feel like I have the power to listen and to follow my inner voice once more. I also now know to not let anything or anyone make me feel that I’m not capable or worthy; these deep rooted feelings of self-doubt that I had lived with for so long. I already feel so much more at peace with myself just six weeks in and I now wake up everyday and feel a genuine excitement at what might lie ahead. I can’t thank you enough Christy Cdawg. Also thanks and ❤️ to Flora Morgan who recommended magical Christy to me in the first place. Peace out 😘



Christy has a tremendous ability to understand exactly what is hindering you. In speaking with her, you truly feel understood, and never judged. At the same time, she holds you completely responsible for your actions/inaction, and expects you to take proactive steps to own, to shape, and create your destiny. Her level of emotional intelligence is out of the norm, and even more impressive is her amazing ability to help identify tangible solutions that you can apply in practical ways. She's like the most compassionate, efficient, problem-solving machine I've ever encountered. Christy naturally possesses a great balance of all the vital coaching tools necessary when seeking out effective guidance for change.” - Ronya M.



“Christy is a warm, talented and extremely caring person. She is driven, and she has wisdom and ideas that make sense. We all struggle so much harder than we have to. A life coach, Christy, can put you back on course."



Christy is an incredible human. Her unique perspective helps me whatever uncomfortable situation I am in, shift my attitude and conquer situations that would have left me as an anxious mess before meeting her. She has definitely been a large part of my emotional growth in the last 6 months and I am so lucky to have worked with her.”



”I had read about Reiki but I had never tried it. Christy was great with explaining what to expect during and after your session.  Her voice is very calming. My experience was great! I felt lighter afterwards! I will be scheduling with Christy again for sure!”