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Christy Jade's Story

My name is Christy!  I wish it were something more exciting, (Snoop Doggette?) but the name creativity was stifled by my Irish Catholic mom.  If Papa had his way, he would have named me Guido.  I grew up outside of Washington, DC, unapologetically me.  I went to college for television production, worked in that field for almost a decade, then decided it was time to seek out my white horse.  Or knight on a white horse, something like that.  After kissing a lot (and I mean a lot) of frogs, I kissed the right one and with a little convincing, and proof life would be more fun with me in it, Knight Mike asked me to marry him.  We are polar opposites!  He is introverted, reserved, understanding, focused and saves his money like it is the Great Depression.  I am loud, wild, unedited, have 2,392,483 passions and love to shop and experience all life has to offer!  He tames me and I stretch him, and it is perfect (for us). 



My life wasn't all rainbows and butterflies! I went through some rough shit. When I was younger, I was physically and emotionally abused, which taught me early on to be in 'survival mode' as they call it.  As I got older, I got really sick of going through the same cycles. Attracting toxic relationships, friendships and getting sucked into drama. I was always upbeat and positive, but, because of that, I tended to give and give and get energetically sucked dry. I decided it was time to start clearing out the hell no's and filling my life with hell yeses, even if that meant disappointing some people and putting myself first sometimes. Once I made the decision though, my life changed immensely, quickly and I learned I could stop the cycle at ME, and create a peaceful, joy-filled life, where I fiercely go after whatever I want.  Guess what? I got it. I got the insanely supportive husband, manifested/adopted my perfect-for-me child, started my own businessES, and fill my life with joy anywhere I can. While still being a kick-ass mom, wife, friend and human. It IS possible, I promise you.  You just have to DECIDE first. You in?!? Click below!

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If you're interested in working with me or learning more about the services I offer, check out the link below! Talk to you soon!