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5 Ways to Keep Negative Energy Out

If you have been following me, you know that I am all about following those 'hell yeses'! It is how I live. I also live for keeping out the hell no's and protecting the peace that I have worked so hard for. If you are on a self-growth journey yourself, you may want to take some of these tools with you!

Here are 5 tools that me and my clients use to keep our vibe super high every day, even when negative people, thoughts or situations come our way.

1.Meditate every morning: I swear, this should be taught in every school in every part of the world! When you start your day with a soothing meditation, your entire vibration is higher, so anything coming at you will not feel as heavy.

2.Evaluate how you are spending your time: What are you consuming on social media? Is it making you feel inferior, are you getting involved in heated debates that leave you feeling agitated inside? Are you watching tv shows filled with the extra real housewives type of drama? Are you at a job that drains you? Start paying attention to your body's response to doing the things you do on a daily basis. If your jaw is clenched, your chest is tight and heart racing, it is time to evaluate contining to spend your precious time doing those things.

3.Evaluate who you are spending time with: This is a tough one. Some of us are taught to put up with a lot more than we should. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Are they uplifting, fun, and supportive? If not...again...time to evaluate how you want to feel every day. This doesn't always mean you have to end a relationship/friendship, but it could mean spending less time with those people and more time with people that FUEL you and make you feel good about yourself. Because, damnit, you are amazing!

4.Shift your mindset and use affirmations: I use a lot of affirmations in my Yin Yoga, and they work, especially with repetition! When you are feeling negative, whether it be by your own thoughts, others' actions, or the state of the world, stop and breathe. Put your hands over your heart and repeat an affirmation that resonates for you. Examples are "Thank you, guidance of the highest truth and compassion, for removing any energy I may have picked up and retrieving any energy I may have lost.” This prayer will clear it up every time."-Gabbi Bernstein or something as simple as, "I release all negative energy and refuel my tank with positive energy." Or, "I am ok. I am safe. I am loved." You get the picture. Find words that activate you and have them ready for repeat!

5.Start a gratitude practice: This is a great way to start your day and/or end your night. Whether you say them to yourself or write them down, think about 5 things you are grateful for in life, in that particular day, or even about yourself! Have no shame in your self-love game!

Grab a MAJOR discount on my Joyful Day meditation bundle to start on your positive vibe journey! These 3 meditations are life changing!

Be Fiercely You,

Christy Jade

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