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Bread, Showers (and Cher) Save lives.

Since I was young, mammmaaa always told me, "Eat bread." I swear, anytime I was sick to my stomach, had a headache, maybe a hangnail, she would throw a loaf at me and promise all would be better. Anytime I was #tired, #sick, got a bad haircut that made me look like Peter Pan, or even when I broke up with a dude because he started wearing a cross necklace that hung ever so delicately over his creepy black turtlenecks...she told me, "Go take a shower, you'll feel better." And I hated it. I hated when she forced me to eat bread or take extra showers! But I did it. And, honestly, I always did feel at least a little better. Today, Cora has a stomach bug. She didn't want bread, like grandma and mom KNOW is best...and insisted on rice. Guess who is still sick? Yep. Gonna go shove some bread down her ol' shoot, and prove mommies know best!

I am definitely going to have trouble TRULY grading Cora fairly in #homeschool. I mean look at her stinkin' cheeks. She forgot to write in her period at the end of the sentence, today. And I still gave it an A annnd added a plus sign. And some stars. Maybe she got a sticker, too. And I will probaby do it again tomorrow.

#sorrynotsorry #Imaygivemyselfastickertoo

I fit in a little #inspo video on my #facebook and #youtube today. Preached a little about the #lawofattraction. #loa for short...that is what the #coolpeople call it. I will insert it here for your viewing pleasure, if you have never seen one of my #lifecoaching #inspirationalvideos before. I do them less than I used to because... #pandemic #homeschool #2020isinsane.

Law of Attraction : Law 1 : LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE

The thing you put your focus on, whether negative or positive, will grow. Not only will it grow, but your perspective of everything else will also be affected by it. The domino effect goes both ways and I am living proof of it. I have always been a pretty wild/fun/happy person. But, man, when I used to get in my head and worry, or get sucked into drama (that wasn't even mine often!), guess what? I not only felt negative, but also attracted more #negativity. More #negative things happened to me, more negative people/#complainers were #magnetized to me. When I did mindset work to flip that way of thinking to the live out of #gratitude, to #believe in MYSELF, to find the #smalljoys in life, everything changed. I woke up excited about the day. I had more #energy, I was a better #mom, a better #wife, and something else crazy happened. I attracted the most #uplifting, positive friends I had ever met. I had opened up space for good things (and people!) to happen, so they came. #Likeattractslike. Try it out, I promise, you will see a difference more quickly than you think.

I do a lot of this type of work with my clients. If you are interested in working 1:1 with me, sign up for a free strategy call here:

I am off to fill everyone's tummies with bread and #love. Always have a bag of Wonder Bread handy. #saveslifes Thanks, mom. That is her below. I took her to see #Cher (who we think saves as many lives as bread does) a few years ago for her birthday. She is such a fun mama! She has always supported my wild ways. I wouldn't be where I am today without her. Literally, I guess, too ;) #Appreciate the people who have played a part in where you are today.

Be True to You,


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