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In the Wild, Memories of Long Lost Saturday Nights and Eating Science!

Every Saturday night of #summer, we go on a #lightning bug/frog hunt. We release them, settle down, #treehuggers. BTW, put whatever you call lightning bugs (fireflies, etc?) in the comments. It was #naturegirl 's idea to start this tradition, and it is actually something I really look forward to now. I got this critter catcher below, and it makes it that much more exciting. I sound like a commercial, but this thing has a light, a magnifying glass and a hole to drop the smaller critters in. The hole is the size of a donut hole and I do believe that shoutd be its second purpose. So, tonight we made a record #frog catching of 21 frogs. No, we don't live in the swamp. Unless you are referring to the fact we live in a DC suburb. 21 dang frogs, I had no idea there were so many potential Prince Charmings until we started venturing out to search for them. I love our hunts. Sometimes I even pet the frogs. Then I scream when their legs go in 80 directions and the weirdest noises ever echo into the night. I was today years old when I found out frogs squeal like pigs. I thought they just said "ribbit?"

Click Critter Barn image below to "explore" ... Yea...see what I did there?!

This was the largest one we caught tonight. I asked him to 'give me sultry' but he didn't cooperate, so we released him.

Enough of the critter talk, I just spent an hour of my Saturday with them. This is 40. Remember the days of Saturday nights that looked like...not listening to frogs squeal? Early 20's seem a lifetime ago. Remember starting the night at 10PM or later, blasting loud music at your friend's while making your faces up like a drag queens, taking a taxi to a club that smelled like a vodka and pee cocktail, and giving your number out to 7,392 men in one night? Just me? Maybe I hung out with the wrong people. ORRR the right ones. And remember waking up at 11AM? Or even NOON on a good weekend? I didn't even appreciate it. I'd whine "Oh, I need to walk alllll the way to the diner to relieve my hangover with some greasy food and mimosas." What was your favorite hair of the dog drink?

Tomorrow is the last day of summer break. I have two problems with this. I chose to #homeschool (see first blog post), AND I also do not drink anymore. Can these two things work hand in hand? We will find out. If the blog ends abruptly one day, you will know what happened.

I was going through all of the homeschool books today to make sure I had everything set up and planned. Then I planned out the weekly schedule. For the 5th time, because I am a recovering perfectionist who isn't fully recovered. BUT, I am fun and can sing any sitcom theme song from the 80's. TRY ME! Ok, so back to these little books of information. I highly recommend this book below for any kid, homeschooling or not. The projects are basically science you can EAT. I will admit, I am a right brained woman! Give me #art, give me #music, give me words, but please hold the #math and #science. However, if I can eat that science, you have my attention. Author Dr. Hall does trick you by calling fruit 'candy' of some sort, in one of the recipes...but I figure while Cora stares at 'science' I will exit left and shove TRUE candy down my pie hole. Other than that trickery, I highly recommend this book..and purchasing 3 Muskateers, which if you did not know, are considered an acceptable food group during the pandemic.

Click book image below to check it out! And I needed a good excuse to use this Lucy gif. Best.Ep.Ever.

Sweet dreams and I hope you get to sleep in. Until 7AM.

Be True to You...


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