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Feeling Disconnected?

We have talked about how to bring order into our days through intentional planning, and my favorite morning and nighttime routines! One thing that has helped me through the hardest times in my life, or just feeling more in God. You may call it Universe or something else. Universe is God to me. Intuition is the Holy Spirit catchin' fiiiyaaaa up in my soul! And then there is that cool guy who wears sandles. Literally everywhere!

See, told ya.

Do you rush through prayers or say them as obligation? Maybe you don't pray at all. Maybe you race through life so fast that it has fallen to the wayside or you never have been connected.

Secret: feeling connected to God (your higher power) is life changing. I am talking prayers from your heart. Conversations with God. Asking him for guidance mid-day instead of just asking him to put some blessings over your potatoes. Hey! I am all about blessed potatoes (especially mashed with loads of gravy!), but the true magic happens when we actually have and nurture a relationship with Him.

It's true. I am half Irish, half Italian and love my carbs!

There have been times in my life where I have 'slipped away'. Yes, most of them were in my twenties when I was busy trying to find apple martinis and cute boys. And you know when I have been happiest and felt like things were going to work out no matter what? YEP! When I have been connected to God...and in turn...myself.

Not sure where to start? Just talk to the big man upstairs, read His word to learn more, and write about it if you wanna get deeper into your practice. I love writing. I write daily in my journal and in my devotional book. I will chat about that in another post! Let's step in slowly! ;)

OK the check peeps...haave you gotten a planner yet?!?

If not, the one below is on sale and seriously has everything you need to get organized. And a lil' daily scripture to inspire you! YAAA JC, workin' it!

Click here to start getting your life together!

BTW, this is NOT your traditional planner. The Home Planner is a game changer for busy families because of the pre-made checklists. Each checklist is designed to add MORE time and LESS work to an already busy day. Check it out!

Look at these jerks trying to reel us in with the adorable stickers.

It worked.

Sold. Put gold foil on anything and I break down.


OK, it isn't really, but I am pretty excited about it!

Most of you are on my email list, but if not, here is what ya missed! I opened up a lowered monthly 1:1 coaching rate for Valentine's Day! Just 1 spot, so if you want to work with me 1:1 grab it, it is a great basically have me in your back pocket for an entire month for only $888! My typical monthly (unlimited access) pricing is $1,111 and you do not get the voxer access that you do with this special. Sign up here!

Have an amazing week!!!

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Be Fiercely You,

Christy Jade

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