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First Day of Homeschool

The day has come! And exactly as many #homeschool #mamas told me, it does not go as you imagine. Not to say it was bad, but the timing was not as planned. My cute little color coded #schedule will, indeed, be reworked. I did have a lot of fun with Cora, she absolutely LOVED it, and I love the freedom it gives her. I set the morning pretty rigid, and let her choose the order of the afternoon classes. My little #holyroller asked to have two time slots for learning about #God and #religion. I failed Religion class in 5th grade, so maybe I need a tutor to show her the way ;) Joking aside, it was truly a great first day. Not exactly how I planned, but is it ever? God takes care of that...and if nothing else, #Covid has taught us to be flexible.

Things I learned on day one of #homeschool

  1. Cora is going to end up being a nun.

  2. I need better glasses.

  3. Cora can read at a 3rd grade level but can't spell for shit.

  4. Recess is a good time to hide in the pantry and eat chocolates.

  5. My perfectionist a$$, planner self is going to have to learn very quickly to go with the flow.

  6. I am going to need more yoga.

This is Bambi. We saw her this morning on our morning walk. I do not have great eyes, and thought it had big antlers and 'looked mad', and I ran. Like WILDLY, arms flailing, and maybe let out a (totally not dramatic at all) scream! I ran from a deer. I ran from Bambi.

This blog is going to be short. I was with Cora, then working, then recording a podcast with my girl Jenna. We host a #podcast called #badaskmoms , where moms write in with questions they want advice on. It is super fun, give it a listen if you haven't already! Here is a sneak peak at tomorrow's ep :

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Be True to You,


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