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First Week of Homeschool Down...Letting Go of Control and Spider Surprise!

We made it! The first week of #homeschool under our belts. I learned that my typically rigid/planner a$$ can actually chill out, be flexible and cut corners that I didn't think I could. I also mean this literally. Check out these math manipulatives I cut out today. There were approximately 3,928,392,520. I started out as the normal Ex #Teacher Christy would, perfectly cutting each one. Then I stopped when I realized I would literally die cutting. So if you look closely at the 'marbles', in the middle, they are square. I won't lie...I will NOT tell a lie to you people, it hurt my heart for a minute to see that extra square space around mr. marble and friends. But, I did it, and I did gain relief, when I actually only took 45 minuts to cut everything. Perfect amount of time to watch Tiger King. If you have not watched that show, just stop whatever you are doing...even reading this amazing material, and do it. It is the worst best show ever.

This morning Cora and I went on a nature hike, as we do. This one was different! It was pretty wet from storms (bonus: there was a DUCK AND COVER tornando warning last night). We wore rainboots because, Cora is extra and wanted to jump on the wet grass and in puddles. And, well, I am extra so go along with it all. As we were frolicking in the grass, Cora pointed out a small #spiderweb. It was actually really cool, so I went in for a closer look. Then she said, "Oh...crickets!" I actually like crickets, so looked up myself. They were jumping everywhere. Then I noticed there were hundreds of the tiny spiderwebs. And crickets. And they were not, in fact, crickets. They were #jumpingspiders. I think I blacked out on the way home, and ran so fast, I left my soul there with those spiderwebs. I don't think I have ever heard Cora laugh as hard as she laughed at me running from the deer yesterday...until today. I am considering moving to Antarctica to escape the wildlife I was starting to warm up to.

Me and my pink sparkly boots. TIP: If you have size 8 or below in women's shoes, you can get Hunter Children's Boots that will fit you. Look at that third eye shaped rainbow sh*t going on around me. Nature is pretty cool. Know what isn't?!?

This. It looked so TINY...which is why I had Cora put her hand there, to show the mini spiderwebs. they looked so small and innocent...but ya'll know how it ended.

Fancy Friday always includes glitter, whether it is on paper or my eyelids. Did you know I sell makeup? HECK YES I DO!!! I was a makeup artist (yep done ALL the things!) and it is an obsession. I loove playing with #makeup and found a line of makeup I absolutely love called #maskcarabeauty. Go shop here after you are done looking at the glitter fun below! We have LEGIT #glittereyeshadows that are glorious. #myfavoritecolorisglitter

She loves #glitter as much as her mama.

See how SUURIOUS I get about my makeup? Or I am just still in shock from spiderland.

Be True to You,


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