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Holiday Time is Near! This new TREND is about to POP!

First, I went back to my roots! Literally! I am liking it, and will probably make being a brunette permanent. I used a mix of mocha and copper #Klenditioner semiperm #hairdye (will link under our Fancy Friday, pretending we are in The #Bahamas pic!)


It has been several hot minutes! Well, now they are cold. I am not a fan of the cold. This year, realizing I don't know if I can handle the cold in# COVID, since I can barely handle the cold on its own, I got EXTRA. Though, extra is my norm, so is it really extra? I decided to order #LongJohns. First of all, does anyone even call them that anymore, and second, why was John Long? This could go down an awkward path, so I will get to the point. I hate being outside in the winter. It may be lack of meat on my small half Irish bones, it may be circulation problems, I don't care to figure out the reason, it just is what it is. I despise anything under 55 degrees. Ya ya, #holidayfun, nuzzling up with a cup of tea next to the fireplace. That is all crap I say I like because I cannot accept the fact I have to wait months again until I get to see the sun and warm wind flow through #SnoopDogg 's braids. Oh, sorry, I was mixing visions.

What is your point, Debbie Dumpster? Well, I think I am gonna make Long Johns the new COVID cool. So, I got some for me and Cora, and I got em in different fun colors. Take that COVID. Of course, we clearly needed pink as our starting point. I want you all to get yourself some. Though you may be making fun of me in your mind, some of you people who know the chilling pain I am talking about, are gonna want to get yourself a couple of pairs so you can feel like it is Florida on the inside. Don't hold yourself back from #happiness. I was considering a stocking cap for my entire head and face, but I guess I have to draw the line somewhere. Plus, my man already has it covered. No pun intended.

Ok, take a number and step in line before they sell out like hot cakes. I am starting a new #trend , and ya'll gonna be blazin' it up with me! And those of you who run warm, come over here so we can snuggle, and move on to the next paragraph.

Click below to see all of the lovely Long John (And Jane?!) colors available!

If you want some extra spice with that shake shake booty, bring it up a notch with this #tiedye crowd pleaser: Also comes in different #colors.

Scoop up your tie dye tye dye, I never know how to spell tie tye dye, here.

And don't forget the #littleones.

Ok, now that you are gonna be ready af for #winter shit, an update on the last month and a half that feels like 8 years. We are doing well in #homeschool ! Cora is #reading at a 3-4th grade level, yet she hates spelling as much as I hate the cold. I figure she will learn the words eventually and take a break for snack. People, we seriously cannot lose our minds and put such pressure on us with school this year. We are all effed. At the end of our lives, we are just going to be glad we made it through this shit storm. The kids will be ok. We will be ok. Our once cold bones will even be ok! If you want to follow Cora and I, on the daily, join us on #instagram @fierce_mama_coaching . I share a lot of pics on there. It is a lot harder to #blog frequently, than I remembered. You know why?! When I blogged daily about the #adoption...I was not a mother and got off work every day at 4, had a 10 minute commute and had a lot more...time. AHH that fun word!

Speaking of which, on the #job front, since I think I can homeschool, sell makeup, be a #lifecoach and do #Reiki, and ya know, the other stuff like being a mom and wife, I decided to start running #groupcourses! Just add it onto the ol' pile! What can I say, I love my people. I truly do. I love helping and #healing #women, and I love #connection. And, shit, extra money never hurt anyone, either. No, I truly feel so lucky to be able to do what I do. Hoping to work on #videos, share pics, and we have a nice little #community of #badassmoms, just like you. Copy and paste, because WIX wants to make my life hard right now. ;)

I will definitely post again sooner. If I am not #hibernating.

Be True to You,


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