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How Moms Can Save Hours of Time a Day!

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Did your ears just perk up? YYYASS! We all want to save time!

100% of the clients that I work with come to me saying they do not have enough time.

So, we change that!

There are many ways to create or save time, depending how you look at it. One of the QUICKest ways to save time is to intentionally spend your time. Look, we all have the same amount of hours in the day. The difference between those that feel like they have enough time to get things done and those who don't is spending their time wisely, not wasting it. Successful people also get clear on their priorities and align their activities of each day with those priorities.

Of course if you work with me 1:1, we can truly customize how to do this for you and your season of life and personality type, but we can start with these 3 basic tips on saving time:

  1. Write it down. Get a planner (I highly recommend this one - and intentionally plan your time. This is the fastest way to start allocating time to your priorities which should include things you LOVE. We don't just have to plan the doctors visits, workouts and kids' school projects. When you carve out self-care time, family time and even leave room for 'whatever I wanna do' time, you will see how fast your life transforms.

  2. Get. Off. Your. Phone. I am all about intentionally using your phone. It is an amazing device and I even work my business from it! But the MINDLESS scrolling is sucking your time away from you. Valuable time that could be spent on productive (fun!) things that you actually want to be doing. It is easier to grab a phone and 'escape' but that does not mean that is truly how we want to spend our time, or that there isn't something way more enriching and fulfilling that we could be doing. Want a bigger challenge? Delete your instagram and facebook apps and only use them from your computer during your intentional social media time that you have planned in that lovely lil planner above!

  3. Delegate. As moms, we take on a LOT. Some of that can be because we want it doen our way. I will be the first to admit I can be a control freak with how things are and look. But if we never let others take anything off of our plates, they won't know how and we will burn out. Let others help you! And newsflash, kids are capable of a LOT from an early age. Part of being a parent is teaching and helping our kids learn independance. Start letting them take over more things, and release control a little! And hiring out help is a big one! If your priority is spending more time with your family, hire a cleaning company once a month (or more!) "It isn't in my budget"? Well those starbucks coffees and nails and wine and take out and cute clothes...the list goes on...all adds up. Which is your true priority? If you really want to save time and create a happier life, it may mean sacrificing some other things in your life. Bonus: You will save time driving to Starbeeees and waiting for the nail tech that is always late! Learn to make a mean coffee and spend quality time painting nails with your kiddo!

You get my drift. In order to save time/create more time, we need to align the time we have with our priorities. And intentionally plan accordingly. Again, there are more ways (like double tasking laundry with fun podcasting!)...but this gives a good start.

If the thought of making these changes brings you overwhelm or doubt,

let's hop on a call and I can help you! Schedule a call at the link below:

You got this, mama!

Be Fiercely You,

Christy Jade

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