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Where are my always on-the-go people at?! You feel like if you don't do it, it won't get done. You feel like if you don't do more, you will not achieve your goals. You feel like if you are not always go-go-going, you won't get the life you desire. Well, do I have some joyous holiday cheery news for you! We can actually attract MORE by doing Less. No, we cannot sit on the couch and shove marshmallows down our throats, and expect a magical life to form around us (not saying I have not done this, I love those lil white puffs)! But, we can change our mindset, stop pushing so hard so we are actually able to receive more, and live a healthier happier life! If you will let down that hustler guard just a tiny bit, and hop on the ol' believer train with me, you may be surprised how quickly things can shift! HOW TO DO LESS AND ATTRACT MORE Step 1: Know that you can control your life (in a good way!) This control does not have to be in the form of constantly doing and going. It has to do with BEing/living in a higher frequency and being open to receiving. The belief is seriously the first step, and without it, it is impossible. So get on your believer hat and buck up, cowgirl...fierce Christy doesn't have time to waste on non believers! You in? Good... Step 2: Next, SHED the negative thoughts Get the "I can't" messaging out of your mind and let's turn those into an "I CAN DO LESS AND ATTRACT MORE" affirmation. Put that sh*t on repeat in your mind. Write it down, put it on a voice memo, speak it into your mirror as you throw some bold red lips on before you head out. Do whatever works for you, but reminders are very helpful while retraining the brain. Think that is annoying to have to do? Try a life of overwhelm, that is a lot more annoying! AmmmmmIright?

Step 3: Connect and visualize! You know my yoga livin' namaste butt is gonna tell you to get connected with yourself. Every single day. If you truly want to change your life, you have to change your habits, and even small tweaks have big results (ask my clients)! The more connected to yourself you are, the clearer your desires and how to get and receive those desires become. Haven't grabbed my daily meditations that have seriously impacted both my life and my 1:1 client's lives?

Get the Joyful Day Bundle here: Once you get connected, take a few minutes to visualize what you want. The next step is something I did not do until recent years and this was the biggest shifter for me... Step 4: Let your visualization become a feeling. My goals are now always feeling related. I first find the tangible goal, then go deeper into why I want it, then what feeling I am hoping it will make me feel. Freedom? Joy? Value? Love? Confidence? Etc. Figure out that feeling goal and let that be the focus while you work toward your tangible goals. This is when things truly shift. You are getting your energy set in a direction of a feeling/frequency rather than a goal setting hustle mentality. The universe LOVES an easier path, and having a positive feeling to attach to is a great way to start! Step 5: Take action then trust/sit back. Repeat. This is probably the hardest part, but if you can nail it, the opportunities are endless! Take your first action step toward that tangible goal. Visualize it like we talked about, chat with the big man upstairs about it, whatever you have to do. FEEL IT. Then KNOW IT. Trust that it will happen. Spoiler alert: It will not always happen as you expect. The details may not be exactly what you visualized. But you will attract what is overall best for you and that feeling goal WILL be achieved.

Step 6: Celebrate! You are on your way to living the life of your dreams, right from where you are.

Feel free to email me to chat about ways to work with me at and don't forget to grab your meditation bundle above!

Be Fiercely You, Christy Jade

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