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How to Make Decisions with Fierce Confidence

How do you decide what to do in any given situation? For most people, the answer lies somewhere between over-analyzing the crap out of everything and making wildly impulsive decisions they regret later (welcome to ALL of our 20's!). If you’re looking to get better at deciding what to do in the moment, follow these steps on how to decide with confidence! And actually APPLY them to your life, reading is fun, but - spoiler alert - the action is where the magic happens.

First, a little peek at why decision making can be stressful:

Many of us are worriers by nature. Add a big decision (or even picking a restaurant!) to a worrier's brain and we can get paralyzed with worrying it won't be the right one, so we don't do anything. Or we have want to get rid of the paralyzed feeling so badly that we just immediately do what we think others want to do, or is easiest. And regret our decisions later.

1. Follow Your Heart

The first step is simply following your heart. I hear people always say, "I don't know what my heart/gut is saying." That is because you are not CONNECTING to yourself. Yasss queeen! You guessed the next step...

2. Get Connected

The second step is truly getting connected to yourself. In general, daily meditations (even a few minutes a day!), yoga, or anything else that gets you in a quiet space WITH JUST YOU, is proven to help you 'know' yourself and what you truly want in life better.

3. Make sure you’re prepared

Be prepared for different outcomes. Things do not always come to us as we imagine. That doesn't necessarily mean that is a bad thing. TRUST that the outcome is meant to be and over time you will become more and more confident after realizing, even if you didn't control the situation, things worked out for the best.

4. Think positive thoughts

Heyyy, I am a life coach, of course I have to throw this one in! Repetitive positive thoughts/affirmations truly can be life changing. Thoughts become things, and well, life is made up of allll the things! Point those thoughts in the right direction. You got this!

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Christy Jade

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