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Crazy fact about me: I have always hated setting goals. I got overwhelmed, until through some trial and error, I have found a unique formula that can help people like me... YAY!

1. Start with how you want to feel by attaining your goal: If you listen to any of this, listen to this step! I attach feelings to my goals. Because in the end, don't we set goals to have a feeling? We all have a feeling goal, whether it is joy, value, purpose, security, stability, freedom of some sort, etc. What feeling is attached to your goals this year?

2. Set resolutions for the right reasons: What is your WHY? Why do you want to lose the weight? Why do you want that promotion? Do not set resolutions that 'seem good' or work for others. What works for you? I never set a specific weight loss goal. I set a goal of "I want to have a flat tummy that isn't jiggling around donuts by February" goal...or "I want to feel confident in a bathing suit this summer". I myself do not set number goals, because I do not like numbers. MAYBE you do. Set number goals. But find what works for YOU, and do what feels right for you in this season of your life. 3. Set realistic resolutions: Set truly realistic goals. If you never work out, promising to work out every single day may not work for you right now. Maybe you start out with working out a few times a week, or just taking a 10 minute walk every day. Our resolutions can always grow, so it is best to start 'smaller' and realistically.

4. Write it down and schedule it in: Daily plans can seem overwhelming to some (I am that some!!!) but once I decided to try it, I have not looked back. I have a paper planner that I love and suggest using. But you can also always use something that works best for you (digital or paper). When you intentionally carve out time for your goals, they are way more likely to happen! Watch my Youtube video on the Law Of Attraction Planner that I love:

5. Be ok if you get off track: Some days we do better than others. That is life. The problem comes when you say, "Well I already ate that donut...I already missed that deadline" etc. Get back on that horsey and re-show up for yourself!

6. Buddy up! Find a gym buddy, or even just a daily check in at 3 with a friend who also has trouble sticking to goals. This will also increase the likelihood that you will succeed!

7. Consider your budget: Can't afford a gym membership? Do at home workouts on Youtube! This year, I will be hosting free Yoga classes on my YouTube Channel (I'd love you to come subscribe! I also will be doing lots of motivational videos, and my reguar declutter, makeup and haul videos!) I also recommend Pop Sugar Fitness for some faster paced workouts!

8. Slow the heck down!!!: It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and excitement of a new year and lose sight of why you set resolutions in the first place. You know you couldn't get out of this email without mention of meditation!!! My clients picked their favorite meditations of mine and I am offering them to you 10% off today!

9. Reward yourself, queen! If you have stuck to your budget and saved more, have a monthly reward to buy a new lipstick or something else small but fun! If you have stuck to your diet, reward yourself with a cheat day. You get the idea. You deserve treats, especially when you have put in hard work!

10. Get help! As a coach, I help all of my clients goal set and stick to their goals. The best part is I help them find ways to live that truly LIGHT THEM UP! Sometimes it is hard to do ourselves, and that is why I love what I do. I get to help people live their best damn life! If you are interested in working with me, let's have a phone chat to discuss my current offers. Let's TALK! And don't forget! Be easy on yourself. Belief in yourself, trusting that God/Universe has amazing plans for you, and being open to receiving all good things goes a long way! So yes, set those goals, it is great to work toward them (especially working toward things like JOY or FREEDOM!), but don't forget to breathe and know everything will be ok. You got this! Let's start this year out with a new mantra: 

Be You, Christy Jade

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