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Immediate results! Stop Wasting So Much Time!

"I don't have time." This is a phrase I hear from most clients when they start out working with me. Know what?! Very soon after, we 'find' time because I teach my clients how to stop and assess the time they do have and stop wasting so much of it! SO much time is wasted these days with social media, getting sucked into this or that thing flashing at you around the corner and your own spinning mind. Let's chat about how to get control of your life (and MIND) back! The Easy 4 Step System to Stop Wasting Your Time: 1. Write down your top priorities in life. (not what you spend your time on NOW but what your ideal priorities in life are/you want to be) Spending time with family? Growing your business? Carving out time for your hobbies? Self-care? Travel? Fitness? Keeping organized? 2. Write down what you typically spend time on in a day. There is going to be the non negotiables like your job, dragging kids to sport events, shoving donuts in your face (oh is that just me?) and just all the things we MUST do. Then there are the other things. Scrolling on Facebook/Instagram. Comparing. Overthinking decisions. Binge watching tv while drinking wine. Saying yes to all the events we are invited to. Worrying. Looking for lost items. Cleaning up clutter to find those things. And then the unexpected interruptions: Kids interrupting your lovely lavendar bath. Why even bother trying? Write them all down. 3.Evaluate what is and is not in alignment with what your ideal priorities are (that you wrote in #1). Examples: In alignment: Fall festival = Family fun: CHECK Networking event= Growing business: CHECK Carving out time 1x month to get a massage= self-care: CHECK NOT so much in alignment: Scrolling Instagram and buying a miracle cream to look like the 20 year old Influencer selling it to you? NOPE Being late to work because you lost the document you need: NOPE Not working out because you 'don't have time': NOPE Attending your old coworker's son's engagement party that you have no desire to go to but feel guilty not going to: NOPE 4.Start INTENTIONALLY Planning Your Days Ask any of my clients what was a big game changer for them and intention will be at the top of their list. When you KNOW your priorities and plan your days accordingly, you cut the fluff and add joy to your life immediately. Your decisions become easier, you are more present with those who matter to you, you are more focused, and you even grow financially. Overall, you GET CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE AND YOUR MIND. You feel so much more FREE! Of course there are resources and tools I have to help this process along, but this is a great start. So grab a planner (I recommend an hourly planner) and see what a difference it makes. Don't forget! For OCTOBER ONLY, My email list gets $50 off a "mama boost" coaching call with me! So if you need some help with creating change- now is the time! Just click the image below to set up a call.

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