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Love Your Life and Yourself!

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Ever feel like you are on the sidelines of your own life? We can sometimes feel like our situations, our jobs, other people or our negative mindset can pull us out of truly being present and having a joyful life. Keeping us from loving our life. And even holding us back from loving ourselves. The best thing I ever learned about that, is that we have a big say in it. Which - good news- means we can turn it around.

Here are a few ways that you can take your power back, build your self esteem and damnit, just feel happier!

  1. Being self-sufficient. This doesn't mean learning to lay down your own hardwood floors, though that is great to do and don't hesitate to stop by my place if you end up learning the trade! I am talking about being self-sufficient in making decisions. Going with YOUR gut...not everyone else's way, and diving into that decision. Even if it is scary, even if it feels out of your comfort zone (but exciting)! Practicing cutting out the noise and listening to yourself helps you get unstuck and gain confidence as you feel more certain about your capability to make good decisions.

  2. Not letting negative thoughts take over your pretty lil' brain. You have a gorgeous (yet somewhat spaghetti lookin') brain up there and it doesn't need to be tainted with negative vibes! Pay attention to your own thoughts and bring them back to a positive space if they start being a nasty a-hole. And If somehow you got sucked into complaining or being someone's mental baggage claim then press eject immediately. The easiest way to not let others' negative thoughts bleed into your thoughts is to be around negative people as little as possible. Yep...that leads us to...

  3. Evaluating who you spend your time with. I will keep this one basic. When I was younger, I spent some time with people that talked down to me, got jealous when I was happy and I had to walk on eggshells around. Now that I am older and wiser, I hang around uplifting, encouraging self-aware people. Guess when my confidence was better? Yep. God you guys are smart-TODAY! Take note. Who are you surrounding yourself with? They better be your biggest dang cheerleaders, cause you deserve it!

  4. Stop comparing! Social media does not help this, I get it. That is why we need to limit our time on it...unless you are binging my videos on YouTube or reading my inspo quotes on Instaaaa. I kid, I kid. Seriously, if you are in a rut about how you feel about yourself, back off of looking at FAKEbook where everyone posts the highlights of their lives. Ask yourself as you scroll, "Is this making me feel good?" If not...ex it out and...

  5. Do the things that light you up! I understand that sounds simple af. And it is. But why is it that so many of us don't do nearly as many fun things as we want to do? Do the cool job you want. Hang out with people who make you laugh. Get off your phone and have a water fight with your kids. Take the random class- I have a list of 1,921,948 of classes that I have taken just for the fun of it! Plan the fancy dinner or weekend away with your spouse or girlfriends. Blast Cher as you do the dishes. Go toilet paper your bff's house. Make your mom dance wildly with you in her front yard (sorry mom!) Let your hair down and enjoy the hell out of your days wherever you can. Whatever way YOU have fun. Maybe it isn't dancing like a maniac in leopard prints and prom makeup (who me?!). But if you are just skating through life, and want more out of it...DECIDE you are going to change it. Sure, we all have our sh*t. ALL of us. Know what I say to do with our sh*t? Go sprinkle some glitter on it!

Obviously jokes aside, we have to feel to heal some of the past or current stuff...and that is a part of what I help my clients with...quickly working through some of that gunk. But we also have to live NOW, in the moment. We can do both. Look, 100% of the time, my 1:1 clients walk away from our calls feeling a hell of a lot better, so I may just know what I am talking about?! ;) If you want to grab a free call with me so you can be your happiest you, email me @ (or respond to this email if you are reading this via email!) with "Let's Chat!" and I will send you my scheduling link!

I can't wait to help you on your journey to becoming a more fun, more fierce and more free mama! Dannng it is gonna look good on you!

Be Fiercely You, Christy Jade

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