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Toys taking over your house? Not able to find that kitchen gadget you need? Have bins of things that you may never use but the thought of going through them is overwhelming? I feel you! Despite what my friends think, I am not type A. I use these strategies to help my all over the place brain find focus and stay organized.

Before you get scared off by the word systems...spoiler already work with hundreds of systems in your home, work and family life every day. So breathe. You are already doing just needs a little editing!

I am not here to show you some Pinterest worthy pantry system that is beautiful but not functional. I am here to help you create a life where you can find what you want to find quickly and have more time for fun. If you want to make it pretty after that with labels or pretty bins that is up to you. I myself found opaque bins are nice but don't work for my brain. I need to see what is inside. You have to do what works for you...but here are some general steps that work for everyone.

Grab some bags or boxes labeled trash/sell/donate: If you are the type who is not likely to deal with selling, just donate! You have to figure out how much your time is worth. I love donating and not having that hassle and giving back, personally. If you like selling, by all means, sell your heart out!

Pick an area that you want to organize. Make it managable. A smaller space. Instead of starting with decluttering and organizing the entire kitchen... let's "edit" the kitchen counter that is full of mail. Or instead of the entire closet, let's pare down shirts, or even short sleeve shirts. Do something small and managable. You are way more likely to finish the project.

Think about the why. Why do you want to organize this space? Sounds silly but having a good reason helps motivate and maintain systems. Is it a bin system for toys so the littles can return their toys to the right spots and learn indepedance? Is it so you can find the kitchen gadgets more quickly ? Is it so you don't have to sort through your clothes every day to find something that makes you feel great? They why is a huge part of this process.

Edit the space. Look at this as you paring down your first draft. There was a little unecessary stuff going on there! Recycle the junk mail. Maybe change to digital bills. Editing your closet? That dress doesn't fit? donate it to someone who will wear it NOW. Not so flattering? Give it to your sister-in-law that it would look great on! If you have a few 'maybe' items, keep them and revisit in 6 months after seeing if you use them.

Maintain. Now it is system time! It is as simple as "If this, then this." Again, you are already doing this. Just edit. It could be as simple "If I have a short sleeve shirt, it goes on the left side of my closet, or "If I open mail, I immediately recycle the junk mail". Or starting the one in- one out rule ( I do this with my daughter's toys and my clothes) "If something comes in, something goes out." Remember, the goal for all of this is HELPING YOU live easier. Having less stuff and better systems is one way to make that happen!

"Momentum will complete projects more then motivation will ever start."

Just take the small steps (daily or weekly) and before you know it, you will be able to breathe a lot easier!

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Be Fiercely You, Christy Jade

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