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QUIZ Time For Busy Moms!

You always come last. You don't feel heard. Your passions have fallen to the wayside. You feel overwhelmed and emotional. What would it feel like if you could get your power back without guilt? Have time for you, enjoy time with others, and not feel so stressed out? All while stopping the cycle before your children soak up your anxieties and learn your unhealthy habits.

QUIZ TIME! Do you:

Have trouble saying no?

Fail to speak up when you are treated badly?

Feel guilty dedicating too much time to yourself?

Double book plans sometimes (overcommitted)?

Have fear about what others think about you?

Do you feel:


Burnt out?



If you answered yes to all or most of these questions, my Boundaries SELF-PACED online empowerment course is for you! Weekly content/videos will be sent out to your email for those of you would like to have that accountability, otherwise you can take longer if need be.

This is a 10 week course that has helped so many of my clients!

See what Joelle had to say about her experience: "Every week of this course was lifechanging for me! I am somewhat of a people pleaser, on top of being a busy mom. I had been wasting time and energy on the wrong things and people and hadn't even realized it. Christy walks us through being able to take control of our lives again, without guilt. After 10 weeks, I am so much 'lighter' feeling, I don't feel stressed and literally created space in my life for more fun and joy! My whole family has benefitted from me taking Building Boundaries, an unexpected bonus. This course is amazing and invaluable...I highly recommend it. You will be changed in all of the best ways!"

Sign up now!

Be Fiercely You, Christy Jade

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