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Sharing the Load

Life (mainly #2020 ) is full of up and downs, ammmmiiiiriiight? This past week had a few downs for me.

1. The #debate. I refuse to say more about this. We have hit a new low. Pray for us.

2. #Dental work. I have had dentist #anxiety from an early age. It is back. Now it is double because I had to enter what looked like an Ebola isolation room twice this week, with people sticking their nasty #COVID hands from what felt like from my mouth all the way down to my damn toes. I stayed pretty well isolated for 6 months, and my first big 'outing' is opening the germ channel as wide as possible.

3. I realized I have not been truly alone in 6 months. I had been feeling very #overwhelmed the last week or so with trying to #homeschool, run a #business and be a #wife, #mom, present #friend, and all the things. I felt like just #running. I actually did, and here is a video to prove it.

I came back, though don't worry. But I realized, at anytime, but especially now in the world of Covid, I need time just for me. I am literally home with my kiddo all day, taking 'breaks' at night and on the weekends to have client calls, do laundry, clean, take friends' calls that are overwhelmed themselves, and making sure I have family time. I also make time for #meditation and #Reiki for myself, but it is my house! There is something about being in the same place for so long that will make you go a lil coo coo for cocoa puffs (or donuts!) So, from this point on, I am creating time for me to LEAVE the house, with NOBODY else, for an extended period of time. #Noguilt. That #Catholic guilt is imbedded in me, even though I technically left the Catholic Church years ago.

4. I also realized I have a shit ton on my plate. I love being #busy and having lots to do. Which is beneficial and also can fry your brain if you don't seek #balance with it. I decided to literally write everything I do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis out on paper (and I nearly passed our looking at the final product). So I had to #reprioritize, cut some shit out, and also... #DELEGATE! That means little one does some #laundry,

hubs has to make some calls (he is an #introvert and I am not so I am the go to for calling anyone about anything related to anything), the list goes on, but I will spare you. I also created a weekly #schedule for my business and even a ... #cleaningschedule (Comment if you'd like a printable of my cleaning schedule?). I always refused to a daily cleaning schedule, but I decided to try it out and I actually LOVE it. It is way less stressful to do things bite by bite, every day. A little dusting the living room here on Tuesday, a little deep clean of the kitchen Thursday. Delegating also meant getting an INTERN! Oh the joy! She is now managing my #MaskcaraBeauty Makeup Line promotion, and she gets to learn at the same time! If you aren't following my #makeup #instagram page, go follow me at and show us some love!

I have also been Reikiing the hell out of people (think I could Reiki the hell out of our pres?), and have my LAST offer for a 3 session bundle at the price of $199. If you want to book with me, schedule here and I will send over an invoice. I will extend the sale through tomorrow for my blog readers

"Your Reiki feels gooood, Christy!"

How are you guys getting along?! How did the first month of school go? Are your kids adapting? Give yourself grace, mamas! We are all in this together.

Be True to You,


I am putting this gif here because it makes me laugh. Laugh with me. Imagine all of us just RUNNING the eff away from

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