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Summer Vacation Ends and Homeschool Begins !

I am taking a break from cutting up some phonics cards. I know, I know, most interesting #blog post yet!!! I sure know how to reel you guys in. They were supposed to come with Cora's Language Arts book but did not, so I had to print them and cut. Not exactly what I wanted to do tonight, but all part of #2020. We spent our last day of #summervacation where MOST people do... #swimming in an adult blow up #pool on the driveway!

Cora also had a #coding lesson today. Her older cousin is teaching her virtually. I thought I was pretty #smart until I sat next to a 6 year old saying, "So do I turn the xy into the ..." Look, honestly I cannot even finish that #quote of hers, because I have NO idea what they were saying. #Alien soundin' #nerds. Isn't it weird seeing your #kid turn into a real human? That knows sh*t? That thinks deeply and solves problems and knows more than you? But, she doesn't know where I hide the #donuts, and that is what counts. In my belly, not a drawer, you guys...stay with me.


Here, take a peek at our #homeschoolschedule . Actually it wouldn't upload so don't look at it. I will post it tomorrow. :) It will probably change as many times as the #homeschoolroom setup. I am going to make up my own "get off school" holidays because I can. I think everyone should be off for National Donut Day and Arbor Day. And sit under a tree, eating donuts on both days. Sorry about all of the donut talk, stress cravings are a real thing! BTW, run, do not walk to #Amazon and buy this #rainbow #rug asap! I don't care if you even have kids. This could basically be your new bed whether you are are single male on the side of a mountain herding sheep or a tassle struttin #dancer in #Vegas. Everyone needs it. It is some cousin of some fake chichilla makin' you want to go be swadled it it's fur. Just click the pic below to order it and all your #dreams will come true. And yea, there is Cora #nerdinout on #coding . God I love her.

Okay, before my eyeballs fall out onto this blog, I am going to leave you with these words. One of my favorite quotes (and I only have 8,372,484,190 favorites). I love it because it is a great reminder for when we feel guilty that we are not doing enough for everyone else. We truly cannot give to others if we are not fulfilled ourselves. Take care of you. Take a breath, read a book, take a bath while reading a book. Drink some weed tea, I don't care how you do it, I am not yo' mama...but do it. For you AND those who need you.

"You cannot pour from an empty cup"- by someone who didn't like to be thirsty.

Wish me luck tomorrow!!!

Aww thanks guys, you work quickly! All joking aside... HAVE YOU SEEN THE SHOW THIS MEME IS FROM? I am writing in caps because I am yelling in my noggin'! It is one of my all time favorite shows. It is called #theComeback (with #lisakudrow ), it is on #HBO, and I watched the first and #reboot twice because it made me laugh so hard. Has anyone seen it?! Tell me in the comments!

Good luck to everyone that is starting school tomorrow (virtual, in school, homeschool!)

Be True to You,


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