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Take Control of your Life as a Mom

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Fierce mamas!!! I know you feel spun out of control. I have been there. One of the keys to handling your life like a boss is something most of us know but do not do. A great start is planning your days and doing it with intention. Planning does not have to be hard, but yes, you do have to carve out the time to do it.

Here is the ironic part: when you take the time to intentionally plan, you create <drumroll please...> MORE TIME!

So many of us feel so spread thin and overwhelmed that the last thing we want to do is add more to our plate. But this is the biggest lie...planning is actually taking OFF your plate.

Taking the the extra noise/brain clutter off your plate.

Taking the distractions off your plate.

Taking procrastination off your plate.

Taking lack of focus off your plate.

Taking decision fatigue off your plate.

These things that we have on our plate all lead to spaghetti brain and anxiety.

If you suffer from any or all of the things listed above, I highly recommend making the decision to change so you can live a happier, easier life.

You in? Good!

I have many tips on planning and intentionally living...but let's start with this beauty from The Passionate Penny Pincher below. This is one of the most thought out and amazing planners I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot. #shesgotplannerprobs You can find one that works for you, if you have more specific needs/wants, but this is a great universal one to start with if you don't know where to start. Let's dive in!

First of is important to remember, you have to find a system that works for you. You do not have to do it a certain way. For example, I do not use every single check off list. I also, as a business owner, have a detailed hourly business planner that I use alongside this.

Make it work for YOU for your life, your way. Grab it here or keep reading to take a closer look...

OK let's introduce this baby!

She (let's name her Joy! Yep I am cheesy like that) is set up with the most helpful checklists throughout. You use whichever ones work for you.

This is the setup of the daily page. Use whatever part of the daily top checklist you like.

I love the checklists on the left hand side. These make it so you do not have to spend hours cleaning on the weekends, scrambling for what to eat for dinner, or letting projects like cleaning out the fridge pass you by. Doing a little bit every day makes life sooo much easier.

Then you have your spot for your important activities of the day. I love how they have enough space and premade spaces for your check mark.

I would pay for this project list alone lol. I love how they have thought of everything so we don't have to. Once a week, you carve out 20 or so minutes for each task (I do mine on Sundays, having it the same days just helps me with sticking to it). This takes the guess work out and you know your sh*t is taken care of, so you don't have to go into all of those wild files in your brain wondering if everything is done!

Here is an awesome spring cleaning checklist. The cool thing is, if you are doing your weekly tasks from above, some of these will already be done! I just love everything laid out for me in one planner. And it doesn't hurt that it is pretty to look at!

Speaking of pretty! I am a sucker for pretty things...and gold foil, so I am definitely a fan of these planner stickers ! When I sit and plan out my week every Sunday, I make it a nice and relaxing event. I grab a tea, put a fun show on in the background, and yep- make it pretty! Planning can be fun, you just have to do it your way and remember how much time it saves you in the end. I actually look forward to it on Sundays.

If you are stuck in 1979 like my husband, you may use this bill payment page! I joke I joke. I clearly am all about that paper life (planners, journals and checklists...oh my)! But, I use online finance tracking because I hate numbers and adding and anything to do with it. So I make it fun by umm...letting digital services and spreadsheets do the work for me! But this is a nice bonus for those of you who like to track via literal paper trail.

What is included? A LOT! (there is even a 'company is coming' checklist, a Christmas checklist, and a vacation checklist that I love!) Oh and bonus, they include a digital planner and PDFs with purchase. You get a TON of value.

  • Stickers, 2 Sheets, 177 stickers total

  • Ruler Placeholder

  • Interior Pocket

  • Seasonal Checklists

  • Personal and Family Pages

  • Budgeting and Savings Pages

  • Notes Pages

  • Monthly Calendar Layout, 2 pages per month

  • Weekly Checklists, 2 pages per week

There is also a yearly calendar and some good ol God quotes, because...hello...Jesus ! He is the ultimate planner ...ammmiiiiright???

Grab this high quality - packed with everything you need to organize your life and get your sh*t under control -Home Planner !

Use my affiliate link to start being able to breath easier through your days! My clients and I swear by this planner! Click here and grab yours:

If you need help getting organized, taking control of your life in motherhood, and want to have fun doing it, let's chat to see if you are a fit for my 1:1 coaching:

Be Fiercely You,

Christy Jade

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