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Taking the homeschool plunge!

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

2020.  This is bananas. And I hate that because I am allergic to bananas. But seriously, can we have a refund on 2020? If that is impossible, I will just continue writing this blog instead, in hopes I can add a little joy to your day.

As a kid, I was a tomboy who wore dresses if that is a thing. I hung out with boys, collected bugs and ran around with no shirt. As I got older, I became quite the girly girl, screamed at the sight of a spider and graduated to crop tops. My wild #nature girl has brought me back to my inner child. We start every day on a #naturewalk /bike ride. Sometimes I still scream.

"Try, give yourself a chance to fail."- My grandfather, Carmine

Why homeschool?

I had never considered #homeschool until this whole, ya know, #quarantine stuff happened. My husband has sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease, and Cora has cold induced asthma (steroids are SO FUN said noone ever!), so we have been basically bunkering down like Kimmy Schmidt pre-freedom. As much as I LOVE #kids, they are snot-faced petri dishes, and since I work from home, and was a teacher in a past life, I figured, "HEY! I can do this!" And you heard Carmine, he repeated that quote EVERY week to me. So I try everything once. Sometimes I try them multiple times. Like donuts. I try those a lot.

We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way. ~ John Holt.

Homeschool Room Prep

Cora and I are both visual, #handsonlearners. I am still prepping the homeschool area, but I had way too much fun ordering #rainbow and #unicorn themed items to encourage our creative energy throughout the day. And I gotta stare at this all day, so it better be #pretty ! Here is a sneak peek.

Emotional Homeschool Prep

I have read a myriad of blogs, watched hours of videos, and done endless research on homeschool. The ongoing theme that I came across was to give yourself grace, as a homeschool teacher. I am going into this being flexible, knowing we will have to tweak the schedule, we will struggle, we may even have to change curriculum that doesn't work for us. But, I will constantly remind myself, that everything will eventually get done, my daughter will be surrounded with information and love, and it is going to be a crazy, beautiful ride. If not, there is always drowning my feelings in #donuts and #Netflix .

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