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Nature is chasing me and Homeschool Update!

I think we may have discussed my love for #dancing. I have #danced since I could breathe. However, I have never danced so hard that I murdered a #bee until yesterday. Here is the living...err...not so living, proof. Sorry, guy. Backstory was it was a gloomy day, and I had kind of low energy, which is odd for me. I went outside for lunch, and the sun started to peek through the clouds, and I put on some #upbeatmusic to try to shake me out of my eyore life. It worked! I was flailing around, dancing, feeling free and literally whirled into Mr. Bumbles. He dropped quickly to his death. I assume he is a male, because any woman would know better than to interrupt a woman in the midst of a soul flailing dance.

#Homeschool has been awesome! Buuuusy as a living bee...but awesome. Some catch up pics:

Cora working on growing #patterns. She is better at #math than I am at 6. Thank goodness, because I truly suck at it. Which is why, though my senior year teacher was supposed to fail me, passed me to get me out of her class. Fun memories.

We are studying #light in #science! Check out that #rainbow through the #prism. That is my hub's shoes and hands. He is private, so seeing his face will be rare here. We will take what we can get: boat shoes and hairy knuckles.

She gets as excited as I do about #sweets. Only you can't actually eat this, sorry guys. Air clay is very tricky that way. And never forget to add #sparkles.

Doe, a #deer, a female deer! This one boo'd up with us for an entire morning. She got closer and closer then realized that I was a human, and just because I have mammoth deer eyes doesn't mean I am one of her. Maybe I should shave.

Want to end in fun? I think #shopping is #fun. Go check out some of my #fallfavorites! From #makeup to #kidstuff. I will be adding and #organizing by category soon, and linking it to my website. All the fun, ALL THE FUN! (PSSST! Be true to you! Christy)

Click below to escape my blog and enter my shopping joy!

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