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The Amazing Benefits of Meditation

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Meditation has become more and more mainstream, and there is a reason! Like I say, cliches are cliches because they are usually true...and meditation is popular because when you do it consistently it is freakin' life changing!

Let's just dive into personal favorite benefit of meditation (because this B just turned 42) is...

1. Increased memory

Let's face it, our brain does weird things as we age. Two of my fav things to keep mine as bright and shiny as it can be are hydrating it (no...not watering it but drinking that h2o!) and meditating.

2. Reduced stress

This seems like the one that is most talked about because this life can be stressful AF (have you MET the years 2020-2022?). We have many ways we can de-stress. None of them work if we don't take out the time to actually do them. So find a cozy spot, get up a few minutes (or an hour if you are a committed Taurus like me) before the wild ones wake up, and namaaaste your way into the day! If you need more guidance, read my last blog here:

3. Emotional balance

Starting your day off with meditation is an instant mood stabilizer. One of the most valuable things I have found is how much more 'armed' for the day I feel when I start it with meditation. Come at me bruuhhh....

4. Strengthens your immune system

We could all use that. Again...2020-2022. I will take any protection I can get! #jabsandmeditation

5. Lowers your blood pressure.

I see you over there, veins a pumpin and your doctor not so happy. A natural way to slow things down. Can't hurt!

6. Improves sleep.

As a former insomniac, I can vouch that meditations changed my entire sleep life. Is that a thing, sleep life? Well it did. I fall asleep to them every single night. What once took me hours to do, now takes 5 minutes, sometimes less. It is insaaane in the membrane.

7. Increases focus.

OK, moms. Focus. That is all I need to say about this one.

8. May increase lifespan.

SOLD! I like this life (and pink sprinkled donuts), so I will take it. Ready for some hot and heavy...SCIENCE?

Meditation has been shown to increase the length of our telomeres.

WTF are telomeres? The telomeres lie on the end of our chromosomes, protecting our DNA from degeneration. As we grow older, our telomeres are worn down and our DNA loses its ability to replicate. As this happens, our bodies weaken and age. Increasing the length of our telomeres could potentially help protect our DNA for longer, resulting in an increased life span.

Not sold yet???

9. Even busy people can meditate (and are the ones who TRULY need to!)

I created a 4 minute one just for your busy a$$ to start with and it is yours FREE! Grab it here:

10. When you include meditation into your routine, you have a guaranteed break every day. Which we all deserve. We also deserve donuts. But the difference is donuts every day won't help our telomeres of whatever the heck they are called. ;)

Find more meditation info and resources on my last blog:

Be Fiercely You, Christy Jade

Also, connect with me on Instagram @

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