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The BEST Organizer for Your Home and Create Your Own Math Manipulatives

This is the best supply #organizationsolution EVER. Seriously, I have had many because I am an #organized freak, and this tops them all. I wish I had this for my own business stuff, #makeup, #donuts, whatever. These could have so many uses, but they are so perfect for #homeschool or even just kids small toys/puzzles, tools, keep the ideas coming in the comment section! They are #inexpensive, sturdy and the drawers do not stick! That was one of my issues with the rolling carts that you see in all of the stores. They look nice but they suck. I had them when I was a teacher, and sooner or later, they'd wobble around like me at 23 on a Saturday night.

I don't care if you don't think you need are wrong. Find a reason. Click on that pic below and thank me later.

A great thing I learned very quickly about homeschool is you can do it however you want. You don't want to use the #mathmanipulatives that come with your #curriculum (or they are SOLD OUT of because of #COVID), use some woo woo #crystals. They are close enough to seashells. You don't want to print out all of the worksheets? Draw one yourself in .5 seconds and tell people your 6 year old drew it. And she will still learn just the same.

Speaking of drawing, Cora drew a pretty good house today! I was so proud, that I squelched, "Cora, where did you learn to draw a house?" She gave me this look below, "Umm, I just know what a house looks like???" So yea, 6 seems fun.

My inner hippie LOVES this website : , and I found this cute little #backdrop for my #YouTube Videos! As I have mentioned, I love me an #inspirationalquote! Why not plaster one behind me as I preach more #inspo ?

I had a bunch of #reiki sessions today, so I am beat and about to watch some #trashtv like #RHOC. If you don't know what Reiki is, stay tuned, I will be posting more about it. And how my Reiki is different than most. I am an #Intuitive #ReikiMaster and also have a #sale bundle deal going before I raise my pricing in a few weeks! Here is my scheduling link, let's do this! I will email an invoice via PayPal once you sign up.

Be True to You,


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