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One Thing I Cannot Live Without

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

There are many things I don't want to live donuts, red lipstick and my yoga mat. But this one thing that I started doing a few years ago truly changed the trajectory of my life.

When I became a mom I lost a part of myself. All of a sudden I had this loud, needy lil' (but cute!) creature I had to watch after and put before me...every single moment. My worries became about her, my life became about her. It was wonderful but it became imbalanced and I began racing through my days, and thoughts and AHHHH...everything felt chaotic.

Motherhood has phases of ups and downs, but I learned many tools that kept me level headed and calm throughout the storms. The one thing that I started doing and I can no longer ever live without, is my morning routine. This must happen before she rises! And this will continue in my life even after she is out of the home. Having 'me' time before the rest of the world (including that precious partner of yours if you have one) is a game changer!

Here are some basics I do during my morning routine :

Chuuug water - hydration is basic but important!

Put my face oil and creams on ( the beauty products I use are available on my Amazon storefront : Caudalie , Heritage and Josie Maran products )

Pray to the big guy upstairs (Man, he is a good listener!)

Go into my 'me space' and meditate/stretch

Do visualizations about how I want my day/life to be (I have customized visualizations for myself and my clients)

Go over my "Dream Letter" (I am doing this with all of my new clients, it is EPIC!!!)

Journaling (grab my #notmyshit Journal here!)

Looking over my daily plan/meal plan (I plan my weeks on Sundays-that blog will come soon! So subscribe to this blog if you have not.)

Put my Makeup on/get ready while jammin' to Snoop Dogg or Jewel ... never know what mood the day will bring. ;)

Then, I start my day feeling AMAZING!

I am not trying to be EXTRA (ok I am extra) and all cheesy rainbows and butterflies ya'll! But this truly has been a game changer for me and I get excited to have that time every morning. I was an extreme night owl, and setting that clock every day kicked my a$$ into going to bed earlier and truly sticking to my schedule. This one step of having a morning routine, ALONE, will help you shift your life and keep you at a much higher frequency so even when shit hits the fan (cause it WILL, it is life!) you can handle it better.

This is just one of my tools that helped me create the life I wanted. If you want to get more guidance on how to live a fun, fierce and free life, let's hop on a call and get you started on a journey to living your best life!

Want to hear about my morning routine in my newest video?

And remember my fav quote! "You cannot pour from an empty cup!"

Be Fiercely You, Christy Jade

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