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The Tools I use to Get Good Sleep

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Ok lovelies! Let's talk SLEEP! Last week we chatted about having a morning routine and how huge an impact it can have in your life. And though we know sleep helps your mental health, many of us do not get enough of it. I get it, I come from a long line of night owl women (shoutout to grandma Anne who used to sit up with me drinking tea until 1am. Caffeinated!) I had to train myself to change, because it was just not working out for this mommyhood life. OK, let's be real, for being over 30. Then 40 came and oof! If I get 6 hours or less I am a mombie! So here are the things that helped me get to sleep easier:

1. The number one thing I did that changed my habit was setting an alarm that said, "Get the heck to bed, Christy!" at the same time every night. Because, honestly, the hardest part for me was peeling myself away from whatever I was doing, because my mind was ready to stay on a mind roller coaster of fun at 11PM. Weee!

2. Keeping my phone across the room #canttouchthis . I used to think scrolling before bed helped me 'unwind'. Mhhhmmm, sure. Look, we all know that bright blue light 3 inches from your retina cannot help with sleep, but I was in denial. Keep your phone away.

3. Writing down my crazy brain thoughts. Get them out on paper. Not on your glowing phone screen.

4. Listening to rain sounds or meditations as I fall asleep. Affirmations. Anything to grab my racing mind and give it a restful space. Grab my Joyful Day Meditation Bundle here if you need guidance:

5. Stop chugging wine. Sorry, not sorry. This has the exact opposite effect of what you want it to do. It helps you relax until it doesn't. Get off the dang bottle. I used to drink some nights to relax, and I noticed that the nights I drank it, I would fall asleep ok but wake up in the night because of how alcohol sugars are processed. Drink chamomile tea or warm milk like mama told you to (sorry mom, I am not drinkin that stuff or my lactose intolerant self will def be up all night!) I will stick to my tea ( decaffeinated tea !) My favorites are here:

Ahh I am getting sleepy just looking at it...

6. Dancing hard. Ok ok, just any type of exercising. Cardio. Sweaty a$$ movin'. I sleep better when I rock out during the day. Two birds with one stone. Who doesn't love a good dance sesh?

7. That being said, a calming lil yoga stretch at night can calm the mind. So try to thrash around to your 90's rap earlier in the day. If you haven't heard, word on the street is there is a passionate yin yoga teacher who teaches virtually on Thursday nights (breaking for summer but email if you have interest in private lessons). You can sign up with her at .'s me.

8. Using a silk pillowcase. The cooling effects are amazing. And they say they help avoid more wrinkles. I have no idea if that is true, but I will pretend either way. Grab some here: Right now there is a coupon on the first pillowcase! And there is a leopard print microfiber case to help dry your hair, if that is more up your alley! Leopard is my neutral.

Everyone needs one!

9. Put on some nice luxurious skincare. The skincare with natural fragrances are my faves (allergy probs). I love to alert all senses (including those sexy nostrils) that it is time to chill! Here are some of my faves:

A little goes a long way! Super hydrating, best used at night time or a half hour before you put your makeup on. #youglowgirl

10. Pray! You didn't think you'd get outta here without me telling you to talk to the big man upstairs did ya? I heard He is all knowing somewhere. So he may help ya out. ;)

The end, my friend...AMEN!

Reading this doesn't do anything if you don't take the action. Go set that alarm, grab some nighttime routine indulgences and say hi to JC for me!

Be Fiercely You,

Christy Jade


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