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TRUE Self-Care for Moms

Let's get real about the Monday Blues!

It is common because we come off the 'high' of a weekend. Mondays we feel it is back to the grind and hamster wheel of life. What if I told you that life doesn't have to feel like a hamster wheel?

Whether I was in my career-woman days or stay-at-home-mom days, I hated Mondays for so long. I was taking care of everyone else and skating through life. I looked into the mirror one Sunday night and tears welled up in my eyes. "I miss me." I said out loud. Yes, like I had lost my mind, and maybe momentarily I had! In that moment, I knew I had to change and find the part of me I had lost.

A huge part of that change was self-care. Not just the pampering kind, (though YASSS QUEEN I will take a bath like a boss!) I am talking about the kind of self-care that helps you feel purpose in EVERY DAY. And helps you not hate Mondays because you love your life. That is the self-care we need.

2 ways to get closer to your best you:

1. Carve out the time for self-care every single day. (we CAN create more time, you'd be surprised!)

2. Set some strong boundaries. Remember that boundaries should be guilt free, because in the end, when you are happier, those around you are happier. #dominoeffect

If you need help finding balance and yourself again, grab a 1 hour Mama Boost Call with me! I cut through the fluff and simplify what overwhelms you. Life is too short to live for the weekends. Start being just as excited about Mondays!

Grab a call with me here!

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