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What I Did Not Expect

Any other control freaks out there? I love to know "I have things under control". But, the last two years, many of our 'plans' went out the window, ammmmiiiirght?

I am a bigtime planner! I had plans. BIG in person plans. From starting an in-person life coaching and retreat business, to taking in-person comedy acting class, to my already paid for and planned 90's hip hop prom theme 40th birthday bash.

Including a life sized Snoop Dogg cardboard cut out...and tacos!

But Covid decided to overstay its welcome, so I did what I teach my clients to do. PIVOT. And PIVOT with passion!

Further down I will talk about what I do to think more clearly , be more confident in my decisions, and boost my mood! But hold tight while I give a picture of what was possible when I used the tools I teach to my clients.

I took my passions online. While homeschooling my daughter and all the other things.

In the last two years, some of the things I achieved were:

- Helped many overwhelmed women through 1:1 coaching, go from feeling stuck and having lack of purpose/identity, to finding their inner sparkle and living their best life!

- Started leading group courses online

- Spoke at an international summit

- Started a Podcast for badass moms

- Got certified to teach yoga and started teaching Yin Yoga online

- Became a Reiki Master

- Published my first self-help book "Solid Gold Mama: A Guide to Kicking Ass at Motherhood"

- Published my first journal: Grab it here!

- Started my own affiliate marketing business

- became part of an intuitive coaching call-in site where I help hundreds of people dealing with the anxiety of the unknown and help people to live their best lives.

I did this and more while still being PRESENT in my family's life. While still being there for my friends (with boundaries!) and filling my own cup as well.

I have had friends ask how I do it all. Let me be transparent. I have my moments where I get overwhelmed, where I don't think I am enough, and where I long for our 'normal' world again. I have moments where my self-care goes from a 9 to a 5.

The best thing I have done in the last two years to help me, the unexpected part, has been letting myself do LESS.

As a 'pusher' as Gabby Bernstein calls people like us, we tend to go go go, especially when we are under stress. In my moments of overwhelm, I have started to truly give myself more grace and say, "I am enough as I am."

We need to stop pushing and putting so much pressure on ourselves.

Stop trying to get everything done TODAY.

Stop the busy work.

Stop the pointless scrolling on social media. This isn't truly de-stressing even if it feels relaxing in the moment.

Stop the overconsuming things you think will help you. Too much of anything is too much.

Stop letting stress make you feel like everything is urgent.

Stop wasting time on things that don't light you up.

Stop answering calls that suck your energy dry.

Stop getting so involved in other people's business.

Stop staying in your head, analyzing so much that it causes decision paralysis.

I am doing less of those things and more of the things I teach my own clients. Using these tools helps you think more clearly , be more confident in your decisions, and boost your mood! Who doesn't want that !?!

Some of the tools that help me through the overwhelm:

Writing my thoughts and gratitudes in my journal

Moving stagnant or negative energy through Yoga or Reiki

Being STILL through meditation (every morning, more if needed!)

Pulling an Oracle card to help guide me

Getting out in nature

Changing my thought patterns

Watching a funny show

Playing with my kid (like REALLY playing something I enjoy, too!)

Snuggling with my hubs

Doing artwork or something creative

Reading/listening to a fun or inspiring book

I love to help women find their Fun, Fierce and Free! If you feel like you are missing one or all of those things, schedule , let's connect! Just click below to book a free call with me to hear the ways we can work together in 2022!!!

Be Fiercely You,

Christy Jade

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