You Are Enough!

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

With the beginning of the #school year starting, there is extra #stress. Extra focus. Extra breakdowns.

Life as we know it changed for most of us, and navigating the changes can be tough! I am trying to find my 'new flow' while #homeschooling, making sure I keep my #business going because I love it so damn much, and still being able to be a present mom and also have time to #breathe. #Balancing everything sounds impossible to many right now. So I urge you to zoom out.

I had an #Oracle reading with a client, today, and this phrase came up. Zoom out. Take a moment. Breathe, and think about what a speck this is in our lives. Shit, it feels long as hell to me, too. I get it. But it is temporary. Sometimes, we focus so much on the small stuff, the DETAILS, that we lose sight of the bigger picture. What REALLY matters? Besides the obvious pink sprinkled #donuts and #Netflix Binging (I have been chompin' on the new #OneDayAtATime, what have you been watching??). All we can do is our best right now. And have #faith. I don't care if you have faith in #God, or #Universe, or your big is time to put your faith hat on. I am a huge believer of the #lawofattraction, too. The better outlook you have, the more good will come. The more you believe, the more good will come. The more you cut negative people or situations, and THOUGHTS, out of your life, the more good will come. The more #gratitude you have, the more good will come. It is hokey, but my life the past two years has proven it tenfold.

Zoom out and think about the feelings you want to feel. #Happy? Secure? Not so damn #overwhelmed? Those are all common. Are you #aligning yourself with those feelings? When I get overwhelmed with Cora not 'getting' something I am explaining, instead of beating a dead horse, we walk away and have a moment of doing something fun, like dancing to "#DanceMonkey" for 2 minutes. If you don't have that song on your #spotify, get it on that spotify! You will thank me. And it always feels better, and breaking the emotion cycle (theirs or ours) is half the battle sometimes. When I am annoyed my husband doesn't proactively think to do something I'd like him to, shift to think of all that he does do for us. When I get overwhelmed with balancing everything, I stop and take it one thing at a time. What is top priority in this moment? Sometimes, if there is nothing insanely urgent, I tell Cora to practice her handwriting, lay still and remind myself this is temporary and I got this, and do a breathing exercise. I remind myself God/Universe has my back. He truly always does, as long as I am believing that. I have noticed a pattern of when I have been super negative it seems like more and more 'bad' things happen. That isn't a coincidence.

This year is tough. But we are tougher. And we are enough. We are going to all do this crazy life or schooling differently, and there is no perfect way or right way. We all have a unique path. I make mistakes, I cry, I have stressful days like anyone else. Nobody does not have that. But, it is our duty to not try to be the BEST, but let OUR BEST be #goodenough. The laundry will be there tomorrow, #pizza for dinner again is fine, and telling your partner you need more help is more than ok. You don't have to be so strong that you don't let anyone know you are #struggling. I am here to talk or work some #Reiki on you, too. It has truly been a great part of my #healingjourney as well. Just an email away @ . I read this book to Cora (and #youtube) and saw it had quite a little #message for us adults as well. Click below.

Be True to You,


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